About Me

I'm an obsessive book buyer, aged 15. 
I come from the Philippines but moved to England when I was 7.
I'm short.
I have straight black hair.
My room is as small as Harry's cupboard under the stairs.
I have too many books but not enough.
I love food. Especially cheesecake.
I own a diary.
I have three annoying little brothers (I love them really)
I have a dog. A bird. A goldfish. 
I have tumblr, facebook, youtube, twitter, blogger, gmail, yahoo, goodreads, keek... and all the others.
I read a lot.
I don't sleep enough.
Queen of procrastination. 
I've lived a thousand lives.
I love the smell of books.
I am in love with fictional characters.
I am weird and crazy and annoying.
I'm a fangirl.
I love Sims.
I love remembering memories.
I try to be organised. 
I love hot chocolate.

If my life was a book it would be humorous, sad, happy, fun, weird, scary and it'll take you through everything page by page. 
If my life was a book, you probably wouldn't want to read it.
Or maybe you would. 

Anyway, I don't have time to write out my life so I have this blog, my YouTube, my twitter and all the others.
They'll give you a brief insight into my life.
And then you can decide what kind of book my life would be. 
And whether you would read it or not. 

     ~Micah xo

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