Monday, 4 February 2013

I'm back:)


Haven't update in a while - in a long while.
Christmas was amazing - like always.
New Year was fun:)

Back to school and have had soo much homework :(
Too much for my liking.

Anyway been on a reading spree,
Have read:

  • Divergent - new obsession!
  • Insurgent- second book of Divergent
  • The Fault In Our Stars - very sad:(
  • Life of Pi - currently reading (watched film!)
  • The Uglies (Started)
  • Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief (Started)
  • The Host (planning to start)

Well....that was long.

That's the reason I haven't had much time to update.
Homework, reading, writing, social life.

My book, Guarding, has had some MAJOR changed.
New plot, new motivations, new everything!
Still on the plotting process, which is fricking hard and annoying!
I took down Diva Academy on Wattpad and put Guarding on hold.

I'll post new ideas and the finalized plot when I finish it:)

So that's it for now,




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