Saturday, 9 August 2014

House Trap by Mike Mauthor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

House TrapRachel Evans is a sixteen year old overachiever who would take nothing less than to achieve her goal of getting into Dartmouth College. But Rachel’s life would never be the same once she stepped into the house of Alicia Hausefalle, the most popular girl in Wedds High School. Rachel was there to tutor her. She never expected to meet two strangers who were ready to end her life.

I used to love horror and thriller stories when I was younger: Goosebumps, Shivers, Point Horror... but I haven't read one in a long time.
This book gripped me right away. It is a very fast paced book with a lot of action and the plot was very unique. The whole 'House Trap' concept intrigued me and I was already trying to figure out what would happen because I knew something would go terrible wrong!
The climax of the story was so exciting and also a little scary! There is a lot of description in this book and it helped a lot in some parts but I felt that it was unnecessary to have loads of description all the time.
The ending was a little too rushed and there was very little character development, but I think that is due to it being a short story and not a full novel.
There were a few mistakes here and there and the dialogue was a little to unrealistic at times. When I read them they didn't fit with the character's personality or age.
If adapted correctly, I think the concept of the 'House Trap' invention itself could make a quite scary horror movie.
I think that Mike did a very good job and I enjoyed this book a lot:)

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